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Tacoma, Washington, is one of the largest cities in the state. Located southwest of Seattle and west of cities Federal Way and Kent, Tacoma provides residents with coastal living in Puget Sound, but also easy access to all that the interior of Washington State has to offer. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we’ve served Tacoma and the surrounding area for over 20 years, delivering critical exterminator services for insects, rats, mice, and other pests.

Why Choose Us for Your Pest Control Services?

At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve formed with customers throughout the city. We have built a reputation for professionalism and guaranteed results, and we’ll provide the same for you. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to consider us for pest control, including the following:

  • Guaranteed Exterminator Services: What good is an exterminator who does not get rid of the pests in or around your home or business? Here at EPE, we understand that the only true mark of success is your satisfaction, so we guarantee it with an ironclad extermination guarantee. We get rid of your pests, period. It’s that simple.
  • We Are Locals: Another reason to consider working with us is that we’re your neighbors and friends. You might see us out jogging in the neighborhood or picking up groceries at your favorite store. EPE was founded in 1999 as a family-owned and operated business by Puget Sound area locals, and we remain just that.
  • We’re Green: The Tacoma environment means a lot to us. As such, we do everything we can to ensure that we deliver effective pest control services while ensuring that our pest control treatments do not harm Tacoma’s environment or our planet. We also use pet-safe products so your furry family members are protected, too.
  • You Always Know the Bottom Line: With some pest control services, you never know exactly what you’re going to be charged. We’re not like that. You know our prices upfront, and we never tack on hidden fees to drive up the bill.

What Pest Control Services Do We Offer?

When it comes to pest control services, they are not all created equal. One product might be well-suited for a particular type of pest, but not for another. Some products are even more effective against particular species of pests than others. At Eagle Pest Elimination, we believe it’s our job to deliver the ideal solution to each client’s challenges.

It all begins with an initial inspection of your Tacoma property. During this time, we’ll meet with you, discuss your needs and goals, and talk about anything you might have seen around the home, such as evidence of rodent activity, insects, and more. After the discussion, our professionally-trained exterminator will fully inspect the entire property, inside and out. Once done, they will discuss their findings with you and highlight the next steps that should be taken.


When it comes to pests in Tacoma, most of them get into your home or business through damaged areas of the building’s exterior. We search the entire structure for signs of damage and then repair those entryways to seal everything up tight. Without easy access, it is much less likely that you’ll see pests.


The next step is the active extermination of pests within your Tacoma property. The specific extermination steps will vary based on several factors, including the type of pests in question. The goal of this process is to eliminate all pests. However, serious infestations may require multiple extermination applications.


Prevention is either the final step or the first step depending on the customer. For Tacoma properties without serious infestations or the need for immediate extermination, prevention is the first (and hopefully only) step needed. For other properties, preventative action comes after eradicating an infestation to ensure that it does not reoccur.

What Types of Tacoma Customers Do We Serve?

At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we work with customers throughout Tacoma, and the surrounding area, and most of Puget Sound. We work with:

  • Tacoma-area homeowners
  • Tacoma-area business owners
  • Tacoma-area schools
  • Tacoma and King County government offices and agencies

What Pests Can We Treat?

While Puget Sound doesn’t have the pest problems found in warmer latitudes, there are plenty of creepy-crawlies that might affect your home or business. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we offer comprehensive pest control services to remove insects, rodents, and other pets.

  • Ants: In the Tacoma area, sugar ants are the primary problem. Technically called odorous house ants, they can cause plenty of damage to your pantry staples, and they certainly live up to the “odorous” part of their name. The smell is a dead giveaway. Of course, there are plenty of other ant species that may become problematic. We can help you deal with all of them quickly and easily.
  • Rats: Tacoma and much of Puget Sound is struggling with an exploding rat population. Both Norway and common brown rats are problematic. They cause serious damage to structural elements, can chew through your wiring, and they spread disease, too. Dealing with rats is difficult without access to experienced, professional pest control solutions. We give you the leg up on those rodents and help create a safe, healthy environment.
  • Mice: While not as dangerous as rats, mice can be pretty problematic. They gnaw wiring and wood (and anything else they can get in their mouths), and they breed very fast. Their fecal matter and urine can cause allergic reactions, and they also spread disease. Our pest control specialists help you eliminate mice from your property.
  • Spiders: Spiders are probably pretty high on your list of unwanted visitors to your home or business. That’s particularly true if you’re dealing with either of the area’s most dangerous spiders – black widows and yellow sac spiders. At EPE, we help you clear out more than cobwebs and safeguard your family and pets.
  • Other Rodents and Insects: Tacoma area homes and businesses are threatened by many other invaders. Termites, roaches, bed bugs, mosquitos, and more can be problematic. At Eagle Pest Elimination, we can handle virtually any sort of pest control problem you might have.
  • Special Needs: Our pest control professionals are not just exterminators. We also offer bird control solutions, and we can help with humane extermination solutions, as well. Whether birds are causing a problem with your solar panels, or you’ve got a squirrel family in the attic you want to relocate, we’re here to help.

It’s Time to Rid Tacoma of Pests

Whether you’re worried about the potential for insects to set up a house, or you’ve already noticed that you have some unwanted visitors, now is the time to act. The Eagle Pest Eliminators team provides professional pest control solutions to fit any need. From residential and commercial properties to schools and government offices, we help you prevent and eradicate problem pests. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your inspection.