Green Pest Control

Providing your home or business with the best in “green pest control” has never been easier, or more important, and Eagle Pest Eliminators has the resources and services you need to keep your property safe from pests—without harming people, pets, or the environment. With the help of our professional exterminators and our expert pest control technicians, you’ll see a difference in your home or commercial building’s cleanliness and atmosphere.

A summary of our “green pest control” services:

  • Investigating and Eliminating the Source of the pest or rodent problem. We’ll help you to identify problem areas and entry points in your business or residential building. EPE offers the very best in green pest control throughout our service areas, let us help to make your home or commercial building pest-free.
  • Comprehensive Treatment. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we can provide a green pest control solution for every step of the process. That means that we won’t just identify and treat current problems, but we’ll work to prevent future problems as well.
  • Minimal Use of Pesticides. Rest assured that when you call Eagle Pest Eliminators, our professionals will do everything possible to refrain from the use of harmful pesticides. Only in the most extreme conditions, and with your permission, will we use minimal pesticide services.
  • Preventative Care. With our services, you won’t just see an end to your current pest problems, you’ll see a long-time solution for preventing future problems as well. Call us today for more information regarding our green preventative services! We can’t wait to meet with you and get started on the pest control process today.

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