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Eagle Pest Eliminators is an Everett, family-owned and operated business that provides quality pest control services in and around Everett, WA. We specialize in identifying, preventing, and eliminating all kinds of pests and rodents, including, ants, spiders, wasps, and mice or rats, from residential and commercial properties. We are committed to providing our customers in both King & Snohomish counties with the highest level of exterminator services you can find. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to use the latest in state-of-the-art techniques and products to ensure that your Everett area home or business remains free from all pests. We offer a variety of pest control services including termite control, rodent control, bed bug removal, spider extermination, ant control, and more. With our comprehensive approach to pest and rodent control management, we can help you keep your Everett property safe from unwanted pests!

Pest Control Services in Everett, WA

Everett Pest Control Services by Eagle Pest Eliminators is always a good choice when wanting pest and rodent control services that are professional and reliable. We are a leading Everett & Seattle exterminator that provides the best pest control and rodent control services to both homes and businesses in King & Snohomish counties. We have a team of highly experienced technicians who are ready to provide the best service possible for your rodent and bug problems. Our technicians will consider the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your Everett area home or business is free from pests. We also offer customized pest control plans and guarantee our work so you can be sure that your Snohomish or King County property remains free from pests.

Our technicians are certified in pest control and are knowledgeable, trustworthy,  and meet the licensing requirements of the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Our technicians also regularly participate in state-of-the-art training sessions to stay up to date with the most current pest and rodent control techniques. With our certification, you can rely on them to identify the type of pest that has invaded your Everett area property and to employ appropriate measures to prevent their entry.

Eagle Pest Eliminators offers 3 variety of services when dealing with bugs and rodents:

  1. Single Treatment: For certain critters, one treatment may be all that’s necessary. Our quick and efficient solution can eliminate the problem and we will be out of your way.
  2. Treatment Series: In some cases, pests may require multiple treatments or there may be several other contributing issues that need to be addressed. During the estimate, we will provide more information about how many treatments may be necessary to eliminate your problem.
  3. Periodic Home Inspections: Eliminating pests is just the first step; preventing their return is equally important. We offer periodic inspections of your home to ensure that the problem is completely resolved and won’t resurface.

Choosing an Everett, WA Exterminator

Choosing the right exterminator is a crucial decision for any homeowner. Rodent and insect control can be a complex and potentially expensive undertaking, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can find an Everett exterminator who will do the job correctly and safely. Make sure to ask questions to ensure that you understand what services they will provide and how they plan to address your needs. Here at Eagle Pest Eliminators, we take pride in our variety of services for all types of bugs, rodents, and critters at the best prices. Not only that but we provide greener exterminator options for our environmentally conscious neighbors and those concerned about the effects of traditional exterminator practices.

Look no further than Eagle Pest Eliminators when wanting a top-rated exterminator. We are one of the leading pest control companies in the area and we offer a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs. Our experienced team of exterminators is highly knowledgeable and will provide you with the best possible service at an affordable price. We provide our customers with quality insect and rodent elimination services that exceed their expectations. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that your home or business will be free from pests for good.

Everett, WA Pest Invasion Overview

Insects and rodents can cause a great deal of damage to your Everett property and present health concerns to you and your family. The experienced team at Eagle Pest Eliminators provides comprehensive pest control services to help you get rid of these unwanted pests. We specialize in bed bug treatment, ant extermination, rodent control services, and much more. With our expertise, we can identify the type of critter you are dealing with and provide the best solution to eliminate them from your home or business.

Insects and rodents can be a major nuisance if not taken care of in an effective and timely manner. Hiring a professional Everett exterminator is the best way to ensure that your home and business are free from pests. An exterminator has the experience, expertise, and resources to effectively eliminate bugs and rodents from your home or business in Everett, WA. Our technicians will also provide preventative measures to ensure that these pests do not return. DIY solutions may be cheaper, but they are often ineffective and can even cause more harm than good.

Choose the Best Pest Eliminator

We guarantee all our pest control and exterminator services will be exactly what you expect and more. Our customers know that if they are ever dissatisfied with the results of our Everett, Washington exterminator services, we will do whatever it takes to make them happy and correct the issue. We focus on satisfying all EPE customers, meaning we provide the best exterminator products with the highest quality extermination services. We do a thorough job the first time and eliminate all signs of rodents and other pests and leave your commercial or residential building pest-free. If a customer is concerned about pests returning, we will go back and provide additional treatments at no charge so they will be satisfied their building is completely free of bugs and rodents and protected from having them return.

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