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Pest Control Services for Seattle & Everett commercial property. Committed to keeping your business PEST FREE. Our treatments are safe, effective, and offered at very affordable rates. EPE offers you the best in traditional pest control treatments for all types of pests and rodents, including, mice, rats, ants, wasps, termites, birds, mosquitos, and other pests commonly found infesting Puget Sound’s commercial property. EPE is also considered to be the leader in providing the best in “green pest control” solutions.

And most importantly, We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

Let one of Eagle Pest Eliminators’ professional technicians come out and inspect your place of business at no charge – and provide you with a written estimate and guarantee to eliminate your pest and rodent control problems.

Pest Control Solutions for your Commercial Property

Since 1999 we have been providing businesses in Seattle, Everett and all areas of King, Snohomish and Pierce counties with the best in commercial pest control services. Our comprehensive approach considers all aspects of each property, balancing the need for preventive steps, exclusion, non-toxic chemical control, and of course eliminating the current pest condition. Once the immediate pest condition is under control, we then focus heavily on prevention and early detection methods to ensure your property stays pest free.

We always work closely with onsite or off-site management to:

1. Maintain a safe environment for both workers and occupants
2. Gain all the necessary information we need from the onsite observations
3. To enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Since facility management is most often in control of sanitary and other environmental factors you remain an important partner in our efforts to help the property become pest free and to remain pest free. By working together we will make pest problems a thing of the past.

The Eagle Pest Eliminators Advantage

We at Eagle Pest Eliminators Inc. specialize in IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We choose not to use insecticides when it is not necessary! We provide pest inspections and utilize the safest and most effective pest control solutions and treatments for eliminating your pest problems!

All of our pest control technicians are licensed with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, attend ongoing training classes to keep up with the latest technologies in the pest control industry, and are certified to keep you informed and educated about the type of pest invading your place of business! We will inform you of why you have these pests, what you can do to help prevent these pests from re-invading your place of business and what we at Eagle Pest Eliminators can do to eliminate these pests from your property!

We work with a multitude of different industries in the Northwest because Eagle Pest Eliminators Inc. always has the perfect, safest, and most effective pest control solutions in the industry!

You can trust our Everett & Seattle exterminator company. Eagle Pest Eliminators will rid your commercial property of pests and rodents, including mice, rats, ants, wasps, termites, birds, mosquitos, and other pests commonly found infesting Puget Sound’s commercial property.

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