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Training Guide for Rodent Control in Homes and Apartments

Eagle Pest Eliminators will be sure to talk with customers to find out where he or she is seeing evidence of rodent droppings, rub marks, chewed clothing or missing insulation etc., from rodents inside the home. After communicating with the resident, we start our inspection on the outside of home. Key area to inspect: trees touching roof line area. Rats are great climbers and will try entering attic under roof tile shingles (if possible). Note: most roofs are sealed fairly well. However, an old roof that is starting to decay and or rotting, allows the rodent to chew a hole large enough to enter. Important: check under siding at the bottom of wall, some of the older homes have large gaps wide enough for rodent entry. This may require foaming under the siding with steel wool. Also important to check the outside ground area for rodent burrow holes. Important: rodents can and do burrow under ground to gain access into crawlspace area of the home. Important: bait all visible rodent burrows. Check existing crawlspace and attic vents for proper screening. Check exposed piping and conduit extending out from siding including dryer vents with broken vent covers and broken or missing air vents to crawl space. Look for dark colored rub marks (oil from rodent fur) on areas listed.

Note: Rockery walls provide a great nesting site for rodents.

Eagle Pest Eliminators will identify poor sanitation areas inside and outside of home. Inspect for excessive waste in and around kitchen areas including other sections inside the home that promote unsanitary living conditions. Inspect garage area for excessive clutter and unwanted garbage including stored firewood stacked in garage or up against outside siding. Note: exposed pet food inside or outside the home can be an attractant for rodents including bird feeders. Check for water leaks and or standing water. Recommend over grown vegetation be cut back away from side of home. Resident should make necessary corrections inside and outside of home to eliminate conditions conducive to attracting rodents.

Excluding off areas using ¼ inch hardware cloth in conjunction with steel wool and foam will be very helpful in keeping out rodents. There may be times when the resident needs a licensed contractor to install sheetrock under sinks in bathrooms and kitchens including other areas inside the home that could provide access for rodents. Inspect door ways to home and garage areas that may have a large gap at bottom of doors and require metal or hard rubber kick plates and or new seals installed.

Note: Broken or detached dryer vents in crawlspace provide a cozy home for rodents.

Note: Recommend completing exclusion work (100%) after Eagle Pest Eliminators eliminates rodents from inside of home. There will be times when Eagle Pest Eliminators can do most of the exclusion work during the initial treatment, leaving only 1 or 2 areas open for remaining rodents left inside to get out. Once you feel confident rodents have been eliminated from inside home, exclude off remaining areas where previous entry occurred.

Eagle Pest Eliminators utilizes snap traps in strategic areas in crawl space and attic. Baiting with peanut butter for best results including (bacon, ham or other meat product if you suspect roof rats), to physically kill, remove and eliminate rodents from inside the home. Never use these trapping devices on outside of home! Note: use of glue boards are for mice only. If possible, never use rodent bait inside the home. Reason: so rodent(s) don’t die in walls, ceiling or floors causing a horrible odor and more importantly, unhappy customers! If a rodent exterminates inside a wall or ceiling area, Eagle Pest Eliminators will inject wall voids with a deodorizer and insecticide to mask smell and kill maggots and parasites emerging from dead carcass. Eagle Pest Eliminators strategically places tamper proof, secured rodent feeding bait stations around outside perimeter of home including property line, rockery walls, around or under hot tubs, deck areas, stored firewood, storage sheds, ivy bushes and other areas around the home that rodents frequent. Eagle Pest Eliminators will follow up 3 or 4 days later to remove any dead bodies and or reposition traps as needed. Eagle Pest Eliminators will repeat follow up every few days until activity has decreased. Once heavy activity decreases, Eagle Pest Eliminators will follow up once a week until rodent activity has been eliminated inside home. In the event that rodent activity is still evident in exterior bait stations at the end of 30-day program, Eagle Pest Eliminators strongly recommends or suggest a continued monthly rodent maintenance program to reduce population levels, especially during cold winter months!

Prevention Tips

Several things you can do around your home or place of business to help prevent rodent entry is: 1.) Be sure the bottom seals to your garage door or your homes exterior doors have no gap at bottom of all doors when closed no more than 1/4 inch. Note: Mice only need a 3/8 inch gap to gain access into your home and rats only need 1/2 inch gap to gain access to your home. 2.) Trim back tree limbs at least 3-4 feet away from roof to help prevent rodent entry into your attic. 3.) Keep shrubs at least 12-18 inches away from home siding. 4.) Keep a clutter free yard as rodents like to hide and travel among clutter to stay hidden and unnoticed.

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