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Training Guide for Odorous House Ants in Homes

Odorous House Ants are the skunks of the insect world. These small black ants release an odor much like a skunk when they are threatened or crushed; fortunately, the odor has little effect on us, but can be a great deterrent against predators closer to the ants’ own size. The odor is also a great way to identify odorous house ants which is extremely important because the behaviors of this type of ant are quite different from other ants. While the odor is not harmful, the ants themselves can be extremely invasive as they forage for sugars and food crumbs around the house or office.

Identification of Odorous House Ants is essential because they have the ability to detect the presence of repellent pest control products. If repellent products are used in an attempt to control the ants, it can actually make the problem worse because the ants will split their colony to avoid the treated areas, creating an even larger problem throughout the home. For Odorous House Ants, we use a non-repellent product that the ants cannot detect, so when they crawl through it, they pick up the product and transfer it back to the entire colony, thus controlling and eliminating the entire population.

Odorous House Ants can sometimes be confused with Carpenter Ants because they have some similar visual characteristics, but Carpenter Ant workers range in size (1/4 inch to 1/2 inch) while Odorous House Ant workers are smaller and are all the same size (about 3 mm in length). In addition to size difference, Odorous House Ants can also be identified by the smell they give off when they are crushed. If you crush an Odorous House Ant, it will give off a smell like rotten coconuts. The smell is very distinctive and will help to identify this invasive species. When you call Eagle Pest Eliminators, we positively identify the ant species and provide recommendations to ensure safe and effective treatments, and your 100% satisfaction.

Our technicians will treat your residence in the most eco-friendly manner possible to keep your family and our environment safe. Our technician will start with a visual inspection to identify the species and find the nesting areas. After discovering where the nests are located, the technician will treat with EPA approved products to eliminate the infestation. Odorous House Ants can be one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, so our technician will also schedule a follow-up visit to ensure the job is complete to your satisfaction.

Prevention Tips for Odorous House Ants

If there is any discarded food or drinks sitting on kitchen counters, floors, bedrooms or anywhere you leave food, you can pretty much bet that you will get odorous house ants infesting your home or place of business. Recommend all food be picked up and cleaned up at all times to help prevent odorous house ant infestations. Also, keeping trees/shrubs trimmed back at least 12-18 inches away from exterior home siding will help prevent odorous house ant infestations. Also, cat or dog food left out is a big attraction to these ants. Only feed your pets what they will eat at time of feeding leaving no food in bowls once done eating.

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