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Training Guide for Fly Control in Homes & Appartments

Flies like to visit areas with food waste or filthy unsanitary areas just about anywhere inside or outside a structure. Keeping a clean home or clean area inside or outside a structure is key. There are light traps or sticky traps with lures you can buy at your local hardware stores to place inside/outside structures if you experience flies. It is possible that if you see a cluster of flies in an area and a very bad odor, it may be due to a potential dead rodent etc… You may need to call in the professionals at Eagle Pest Eliminators if this occurs as this scenario can present a bigger problem than expected.

Housefly common name of the flyMusca domestica, found in most parts of the world. The housefly, a scavenger, does not bite living animals but is dangerous because it carries bacteria and protozoans that cause many serious diseases, e.g., typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery.

The housefly feeds by depositing a drop of digestive liquid on its food, which may be garbage, excrement, or other filth. Although most of the liquid drop is sucked back again through the insects tube like lower lip, or labium, a residue remains that may contain disease-causing organisms from previous meals.

Disease is also transmitted on the fly’s sticky foot pads and hairy body. Each female lays from 100 to 200 eggs in the garbage or manure on which the white larvae feed. With favorable temperatures, one generation or more per month may be produced. Metamorphosis is complete, i.e., development is in four stages. The housefly is classified in the phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, order Diptera, family Muscidae.

There are many other types of flies in the Puget Sound area that are found inside the home for one reason or another such as: possible dead and decaying rodents in home, crawlspace or elsewhere.

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