Eagle Pest Eliminators – Delivering Pest Control in Kent, WA With Peace of Mind

The city of Kent, Washington, is located within King County and is just minutes from Tacoma and Seattle. While smaller than those cities, Kent offers a high standard of living for residents, proximity to the Pacific, as well as stunning natural areas, with ample shopping and dining. It’s an incredible place to live, and we should know – we continue to serve the pest control needs of the surrounding Puget Sound businesses and residents and have for more than twenty years. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we are proud to protect Kent area homes, businesses, and schools by providing the very best in pest control solutions, delivering peace of mind by protecting Kent properties from unwanted pests. 

Why Choose Eagle Pest Eliminators For Your Kent Property?

When it comes to pest control services, Kent residents have many options. So, why choose Eagle Pest Eliminators as your exterminator of choice?

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive, upfront pricing. You never need to worry about how much protecting your home or business from rodents and insects is going to cost. We keep you in the know from the very beginning, and we’re committed to delivering high-quality but affordable pest control treatments.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is the only measure of success that matters to us. We offer an ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee that we will eliminate your pest problem. It’s as simple as that.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Let’s be frank – we love the environment and we’re committed to protecting it. We use environmentally-friendly, integrated pest management solutions to ensure that we’re able to eradicate pests while protecting you, your family and pets, your home, and the planet.
  • Family Owned and Operated: We were established in 1999 and remain family-owned and operated. We live, work, and play right here in Kent and the surrounding areas. The Puget Sound area has been our home for decades, and that gives us unique insight into the pest threats you face.

What Clients Do We Serve?

We believe that everyone in Kent deserves access to high-quality, professional pest control services. We work with homeowners, but also with business owners, schools, government offices, and other residential and commercial properties in Kent. We provide the exterminator solutions you need for protection from pests that provides peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or to learn more about how we can protect you from insects, rodents, and other pests.

What Pests Can We Handle?

At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we are equipped to handle virtually any type of pest you might face, from common insects and rodents to more exotic challenges. We deliver critical pest control services that offer protection and peace of mind for residential and commercial customers.

Ants: Ants can all too easily make their way from outdoors into your home or business. In Washington, many species of ants can be problematic, but odorous house ants (sugar ants) are the most commonly found within structures. These ants can destroy by invading your pantry and setting up camp inside your walls and cupboards. They can also cause problems with wiring, and, at least with odorous house ants, they live up to the name by creating an unmistakable smell. Contact us today to learn more about our ant-related pest control services.

Spiders: From yellow sac spiders to black widows, dangerous spiders can easily infest homes and businesses throughout Kent and the surrounding area. Other species of spiders can also be problematic, although they are more creepy pests than they are dangerous threats. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we can treat your property for spiders, eliminating an infestation or preventing one from beginning in the first place. Get in touch to learn more about how we can safeguard you.

Rats: Both Norway rats and brown rats make their home in Washington State, as well as rat-like rodents, such as the muskrat and kangaroo rat. These species can quickly invade a property and cause substantial damage, including shredding paper, damaging insulation, gnawing wood, and electrical wiring, and more. In addition to their physical threat, rats also spread disease. Contact us immediately for pest control services if you suspect rats have made their home on your property.

Mice: Mice are small, agile, and prolific. They’re highly adaptable, too. While they’re happy outdoors, they’re just as happy to move into your home or business where it’s warm, dry, and there’s an available supply of food for their growing family. Mice pose many of the same threats as rats, including the potential to damage wood and wiring, as well as causing allergic reactions and spreading disease. If you think you’ve seen signs of mice, call us today.

Termites: While there are only two species of termites that call Washington State home, they can be incredibly damaging to homes and businesses. Termites can quickly invade unprotected structures, devouring massive amounts of material in a very short time. Repairs can be incredibly costly, too. At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we can inspect your property for signs of termites, provide prevention services, and even eradicate existing colonies if they are present. Call us today to get started. Here are just a few of the pests we can handle.

Wasps and Yellowjackets: Many species of insect are beneficial. However, wasps and yellowjackets do more harm than good. That’s particularly true when they decide to make their home on or even on your property. Their stings are not just painful – they can be deadly in some instances, both to humans and to animals. We can eradicate yellowjacket and wasp nests and prevent them from returning. Call us today to learn more.

Bed Bugs: There are few threats more insidious than the dreaded bed bug. These small insects can easily climb aboard your luggage or clothing from a hotel or other location and then travel home with you. Once there, they begin breeding – they thrive in warm, protected environments. If you have noticed telltale debris in your bed, or are experiencing bites it could be signs of a bed bug infestation. Contact us today to begin the eradication process – eliminating bed bugs can be challenging, but our techniques and products can do so quickly and safely, without additional threats to you or your property.

Additional Threats: Many other rodents and insects can be threats to Kent area homes and businesses. Flies, mosquitos, moles, bees, and many other pests can invade your home, yard, or business. When those threats materialize, it is important to know whom to call. The team at Eagle Pest Eliminators has decades of experience working with customers throughout the Puget Sound area, and we’re happy to offer the same degree of protection and peace of mind to you. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services or to schedule an inspection.

All of Our Pest Control Services Come With Peace of Mind

Exterminator services deliver peace of mind and protection – it’s about more than just getting rid of pests. Many of these species are dangerous to humans and pets. From venomous spiders to disease-spreading rats, and virus-carrying mosquitos, the only solution to your health and safety concerns is access to professional pest control services. Contact Eagle Pest Eliminators today. We would love the opportunity to protect you and your property.