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Providing your home or business with the best in “green pest control” has never been easier, or more important, and Eagle Pest Eliminators has the resources and services you need to keep your property safe from pests—without harming the environment. With the help of our professional exterminators, you’ll see a difference in your home or commercial building cleanliness and atmosphere.

Here is a summary of our “green pest control” services:

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The classic infestation, rats and other rodents can quickly overrun a property and interfere with daily life

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Odorous House Ants

They’ll go straight for the sweets and meats, and unfortunately they earn their name.

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Carpenter Ants

This swarming demolition crew will help any wood in your home to decay, making them a priority for removal.

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Wasps & Yellow Jackets

These bright pests are not a DIY project – removing their nest from overhangs and doorways is a must.

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Bed Bugs

They’ll come between you and a good night’s sleep, and even washing the sheets won’t be enough.

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A natural predator, spiders can quickly overrun their prey and turn their many eyes towards other inhabitants of the house.

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Majestic in the air, until they start perching in your nest, birds pose a persistent nuisance.

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Fly & Mosquito

They’re bad enough at the park, but intolerable in your home – stop them from spreading disease and ruining dinner.

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